Top Five Best High Chairs of 2017

High chairs are an essential piece of baby equipment that no parent can go without. Counter tops are tall, and your little one should be sitting in a secure, safe, yet comfortable high chair to ensure proper care. I spent the last week determining the best high chairs of 2017, here are reviews of the top five and a little bit about each one.

#1 – Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair

Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care

  • The Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair has an adorable design that will make your baby smile. The rain forest look is eye-catching and with a toy that can attach and detach from the tray, your little one will stay entertained even when they aren’t eating.
  • Easy to clean. Don’t worry about messes since you can simply remove the straps and wash them with ease.
  • Fisher Price designed this high chair so that it helps develop and fine-tune motor skills. There are bright toys to play with, buttons to push, and animals to spin + much more!
  • My two children used this through their infant years and I was overall very impressed with it. It’s built well and withstands messes that most other’s don’t compare to.

#2 – Graco Simple Switch Highchair

Graco Simple Switch Highchair

  • Available in 4 different color varieties. Pasadena, Little Hoot, Ariel, and Tinker. A style fit for any preference.
  • The Graco Simple Switch Highchair converts into a booster seat from a high chair, giving it two features in one.
  • Reclines to three different positions to adjust to the perfect level for feeding or comfort purposes.
  • Material can easily be machine or hand washed by removing it and cleaning when needed. It doesn’t take much effort to keep it clean and nice for years to come.
  • Tray underneath seat is perfect for storage of other baby items or utensils.
  • Priced well at an affordable level to fit most parents budgets.
  • Integrated harness keeps your baby or toddler in the chair with either a 3 or 5 point harness.
  • Folds into a convenient, compact, easy to store size that keeps all of the essential pieces together.
  • Rated for a maximum weight capacity of 37 lbs. for the high chair, and 60 lbs. while it’s converted to a feeding booster seat.

#3 – Fisher-Price Precious Planet Sky Blue High Chair

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Sky Blue High Chair

  • The Fisher-Price Precious Planet Sky Blue High Chair features a super cute design keeps baby entertained with it’s bright colors that let the imagination explore.
  • Unlike others, the feeding tray where you place food can be thrown in the dishwasher for a fully sanitized, easy cleaning.
  • Comfortable chair pad is plush, soft, and gives your child a proper resting area that is safe and secure, giving you added peace of mind. On top of that, you can wash it in your laundry machine.
  • Reclines into 3 different positions to make sure the proper size is set based on how large or small your baby is.
  • Included lion toy connects to the tray with a suction cup to entertain and help develop motor skills while you’re cooking up a meal.

#4 – Keekaroo Height Right Kids High Chair with Tray

Keekaroo Height Right Kids High Chair

  • The Keekaroo Height Right Kids High Chair has a unique design that doesn’t look like any other choice listed. Available in two colors to attain to your taste as you would like – either Mahogany or Natural.
  • Eating tray is attached, but there is a cover that you can take off for easy cleaning. Either wash it by hand or throw it in the dishwasher.
  • Has a maximum capacity of 250lbs (way more than you’ll ever need..)
  • Comfortable seat cushion provides comfort and and is easily washable to keep clean from germs, dirt, and/or debris.

#5 – Graco TableFit Highchair

Graco TableFit Highchair

  • The Graco TableFit Highchair provides parents with a comfortable, versatile, and uniquely designed chair that provides a perfect fit for any child under 3 years old and under 40 lbs.
  • Parents have the ability to set it to 8 different height positions that slide directly to the table for a perfect, custom-like fit that brings your baby to the dinner table for a happy and hearty meal.
  • The footrest is designed to keep your child’s legs from hanging down. It offers a supportive platform to let their feet rest.
  • The seat pad is extremely easy to clean. Being that it’s made from a machine-washable material, you can easily toss it in the laundry for quick clean up.
  • Available in three different color options. Select from Finley, Rittenhouse, or Sonoma. Each has a different accent color, so there are variations to each style.
  • The eating tray is safe to wash in the dishwasher, and it can be removed with a single hand. A perfect solution for mothers and fathers who find themselves with their hands full.
  • When your child is positioned in the seat, they are secured by a cozy 3 or 5 point safety harness that converts to either.
  • Comes included with a convenient snack tray that is interchangeable with the food tray.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have never purchased a high chair, or you’re looking to replace an existing one, picking the right one can be very difficult and somewhat overwhelming. We’ve reviewed five of the best high chairs in 2017 based on different levels of quality, features, and consumer reviews. If you aren’t a fan of any of them, or if you’ve tried one of them out and would like to offer your feedback, please leave us a comment in the form fields below.

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