Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable Audio Baby Monitor Review

Baby monitors have been a staple of effective parenting for newborn babies and infant children for many years now. They’ve always provided a lot of comfort and safety, but not without deficiencies in these and other qualities.

Overall, they’ve provided quick and easy access to your baby’s environment and well-being without having to be physically in the room and watching over them yourself.

However, carrying around a clunky audio receiver that requires frequent battery changes and has to be set on high volume in order to monitor all of the important indications to you as a parent can be somewhat of a burden, even when it’s worth the effort.

You don’t want to give up the reliability and independence, which is why the new Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable Audio Baby Monitor may be valuable to you. We’re going to discuss its most important features, and whether or not they may be valuable to you.

Summer Infant Babble Band

Adjustable and Soft Wearable Wrist Band

Comfort may actually be the first thing that comes to mind for you, and it’s not unreasonable to ask whether or not you could wear a baby monitor on your wrist for up to 8 hours at a time.

The Babble Band has taken this into full consideration by creating a sleek, comfortable baby monitor that has a soft wrist band, and is adjustable and easy to attach based on the size of your wrist. This way, both mother and father can wear the baby monitor and have hands-free access.

3 Versatile and Convenient Monitoring Modes

One of the issues with a traditional baby monitor is that they can be loud and distracting, making it difficult to enjoy other activities and be productive while still having ears on your baby’s situation.

Summer Infant Babble Band

The Babble Band has an array of hands free and effective features to have full awareness of what’s going on at the other end of your monitor, with added ease of use.

For starters, there are two handy monitoring modes called Vibration Mode and Sound Light Mode, which are quite new to the baby monitor product market, because they relate best to a mobile, wearable baby monitor like this one.

Sound Light Mode simply lights up the built in LEDs automatically when any sound is detected, allowing you to safely turn off the audio temporarily, as you choose.

Vibration Mode will simply rumble when sound is detected in your nursery, so that you don’t have to wonder or constantly check if something is going on. It’s one reliable point of contact that can free your mind, and an effective option for the hearing impaired.

Since your baby monitor will pick up many sounds throughout the day, the vibration feature sets off at 8 second intervals whether in Vibration or Sound Light Mode.

You can also listen on full audio mode to hear exactly what’s going on at the push of a button, and also change the volume level at your discretion. With any of the other modes activated, you can press the “listen in” button at any time to switch it to full audio mode as well.

Summer Infant Babble Band

Secure, Private Digital Wireless Connection

A major issue that’s come to our attention as parents ever since hand held radio walkie talkies were made available for our kids, is that others can secretly listen in on our private conversations. This obvious security issue is provided for by Babble Band’s digital privacy technology that ensures that nothing occurring on your monitor can be listened in on by a third party.

Rechargeable Battery

One negative aspect of a wearable baby monitor is that you can’t plug it into a wall outlet, and because of the advanced features included in the Babble Band, there are greater demands on its energy consumption levels.

The quality battery provided for you allows for 8 hours of continuous use, even while on full audio mode, so that you don’t have to wonder about its reliability. There’s a battery recharging base included for your convenience as well.

There are also alerts that will warn you when you go out of range of the baby monitor in your nursery, and also when it’s reaching time to recharge your battery.

Wide Audio Monitoring Range

We mentioned that you can go out of range, and potentially not hear what’s going in your nursery, and leave your baby without monitoring and guidance.

This will likely be a rare issue however, as there is an 800 foot radius, when is the square footage of many three bedroom homes, and provides plenty of area to freely roam around your home and receive a clear signal.

Summer Infant Babble Band

Award Winning Performance and Reliability

When it comes to parenting, you don’t want to rely on anything other than proven high quality solutions to the daily challenges and struggles that you experience, to make your life easier.

The Babble Band, for one, provides a vibration feature that compares well with the vibration functionality of a smart watch, which many people use to wake up in the morning. This feature is a great alternative to waking up to the screams and wails of a crying baby.

It’s been awarded with the “Parent Tested Parent Approved Award”, as well as The Bump’s “Editor’s Pick” product award for quality and problem solving.

Cons of the Babble Band

The fact that you can wear this baby monitor comfortably on your wrist is an important feature, because if it wasn’t both comfortable and adjustable, it wouldn’t be nearly as useful to so many parents. However, it’s not extremely large, and may limit your use if you or your spouse have very large wrists.

Another drawback to this baby monitor, is that while you mostly use one when your baby is asleep, you also have to charge it at the base, which must be located in your baby’s room. It’s not noisy or time consuming, but babies can be sensitive to slight sounds, such as doors and footsteps.

Lastly, if you get to close to your nursery while on full audio mode, you may experience some loud feedback sounds, which may be disturbing. You can curb this by turning off audio mode at this time, but it can still catch you by surprise.

Summer Infant Babble Band


The Babble Band by Summer Infant is the only wearable baby monitor of its kind and is thus a leading baby monitor in the market, proving their its quality and customer satisfaction.

With the variety of monitoring modes with full accessibility at the touch of a button are freeing, especially when you want full access to your baby’s needs. The peace of mind of roaming around your home without noise and unnecessary stress is very new.

It’s designed to be sleek, attractive and most importantly, effective as well, providing a wide range of access to nearly any place in your home.

The security features of the Babble Band are highly rated, because it uses secure digital broadcasting and intuitively picks up and detects any sounds in your nursery, then translates them to the desired type of alert.

There are a few concerns when considering whether this can be your go to baby monitor, such as battery charging, which is outweighed by the wireless aspect, and long battery life, but it works as intended.

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