Reviews of the Best Bath Thermometer for Your Baby in 2017

When cleaning your baby in the bath tub, you need to make sure that the water is not too hot or too cold for them. It’s important to keep it at the right temperature so your baby has a safe and enjoyable time. Many parents opt to invest in a bath thermometer that tells the current temperature and gives a ‘heads up’ if the water needs to be adjusted. They’re often disguised as a floating toy so your child will actually enjoy having it in the tub to use as a toy.

Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm

Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm

  • If you’re looking for one that’s very simple to use that functions eactly as expected, be sure to check out the Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer
  • It contains no buttons and activates automatically once you place it in the water. It’s really a no-brainer. Just place it in the bath tub and it will float while displaying the temperature on the integrated LCD.
  • Built in alarm feature will alert you with an audible alarm if the water is too hot (over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) or too cold (below 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Automatically designed to read the water temperature every 2 seconds so you never have to worry about anything – it’s setup for simple use with no effort.
  • Babies tend to enjoy it as a toy too! It’s in the shape of a turtle with bright yellow and green colors with white spots.
  • Very affordable. Can be found for just around 10 bucks!

Duckymeter – Floating Duck Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer


  • Another great choice is the Duckymeter. It’s very similar to your standard rubber duck toy, but it has a built in bath thermometer to give you assurance that your baby isn’t exposed to uncomfortable water temps.
  • Small LCD indicates the exact temperature with 3 different color codes to indicate the ideal range. If the water is too cold, it will turn blue. If it’s just right, it will be green. And if it’s too hot, it will be red.
  • It’s instantly activated once it is placed in the water. It makes a really fun toy that can be fully submersed since it’s completely waterproof.
  • Operates on 3 AAA batteries – these are included.

Blue Turtle Safety Bath Thermometer

Blue Turtle Safety Bath Thermometer

  • The Blue Turtle Safety Bath Thermometer provides a great option for parents to make sure their child is as safe as can be.
  • LCD with the current water temperature. It’s easy to read so there is no confusion.
  • Bright red warning light indicates by flashing if the water is either too warm or too chilly so you can adjust it.
  • Powered by a single lithium ion battery (included) that won’t need to be replaced for as long as 3 years.
  • In the fun shape of a turtle so your child enjoys having it with them in the water as it floats.

Safety 1st Rubber Ducky TempGuard

Safety 1st Rubber TempGuard

  • Very similar to the Duckymeter, but a tad bit less expensive, the Safety 1st Rubber Ducky TempGuard works well to let you know when the water is too warm.
  • Since it looks like your typical rubber duck, it doubles as a toy that your baby or child will love.
  • Made out of duradble vinyl material that features a hot water indicator on the belly.
  • Does not operate on batteries. It’s not electrical.
  • Simple to use. Very affordable and children often love it.

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