In-Depth Review of the Motorola MBP36S Baby Monitor

The Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor gives parents a clear and always-ready view on their baby, whether they’re in the nursery or playing around with their baby swing in the other room. We’ve seen a lot of baby monitors and have had quite a bit experience using them. We’re here to offer an in-depth review to see what the MBP36S really has to offer.

Motorola MBP36S

Two Way Audio

With most baby monitors, you can simply hear and see the baby on the other end. With the Motorola MBP365, you can communicate two ways – meaning that you can hear and speak to your baby, and your baby can listen and communicate back to you. It’s a helpful feature for most parents since it can be of great assistance when your baby wakes up suddenly from a nap and needs to be calmed or attended to.

Large Color Screen

With a 3.5 inch full color LCD, you’ll be able to watch closely in on both video and sound in your baby’s location. The screen is paired conveniently with six differently colored LEDs that glow on a scale from quietest to loudest, so you can visually see the sound.


Monitor Multiple Rooms

One of the coolest features that we’ve seen with the MBP36S is it’s ability to simultaneously monitor multiple cameras with a picture in picture mode. Optionally, you can purchase additional cameras to give you more viewing and audible coverage.

Night Vision

Usually in the dark, your baby’s nursery would be impossible to see with any ordinary camera. Luckily, they’ve equipped it with infrared night vision so you can see in total darkness. Your baby will be undisturbed as you view from the other room in the middle of the night. The night vision will automatically come on if the darkness sets to the appropriate level, so you’ll never need to worry about having to manually adjust the camera.


Long Range

One thing that truly makes the Motorola MBP36S is it’s superior range. Capable of reaching nearly 600 feet, this wireless video baby monitor is suitable for even the largest of houses with multiple stories and obstructive walls. Please do keep in mind however, that the range can be drastically lessened depending on what lies between the two monitors. However, range seems to be adequate for most people as this is one of the most popular features that’s talked about.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom

Another significant feature that’s worth mentioning it the Motorola MBP36S’s ability to pan, tilt, and zoom. This means that you can adjust the view of the camera from the other end, without waking up or disturbing your baby. It will pivot and center in on anything that you want in view.

Clear Sound

Clear audio is a promise with the Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor. Although there isn’t a volume knob that can adjust the sound level, the audio quality is superb.

lullaby mbp36s


When your baby is crying or having a tough time sleeping, sometimes all they need is a simple lullaby. Built it, is a feature that does just that. Choose between a selection of five lullabies that are designed to help soothe and entertain your baby.

Room Temperature

One of the most overlooked but awesome feature is the room temperature ability. It will tell you the current room temperature to let you know if you need to warm or cool it to a more comfortable level.


When the battery is low, it will audibly let you know. There’s also an alert for ‘out of range’ to ensure that you always have a clear signal that’s uninterrupted when you need it most. A rechargeable battery is included along with it’s power adapter that will have it full of energy.


Overall Thoughts

We think that the Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor is an excellent choice for those looking for a high end and feature-rich choice. It comes included with both the parent and baby unit to allow two way communication, and all of the accessories you’ll need. The quick start guide will have you comfortably using it within a matter of minutes, and the user guide is very in-depth and easy to understand. Overall, we would hesitate to recommend it as we simply can’t find much bad about it.

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