LeFun Baby Monitor Review

Parenting can be a challenging and complicated career. The right decision to make when your baby cries isn’t always clear, but with the right tools you can succeed much more effectively.

Baby monitors have long been a prevalent aspect of parenting an infant or toddler. Their ability to keep you connected to your little one, even when you’re in the same room, is incredibly effective. It has been proven over many decades of use, improvements, and new designs to be a main component in everyday life for mothers striving to be able to multitask with a baby.

The LeFun Baby Monitor promises a fully interactive and reliable monitor that will help you keep eyes and ears on your young ones with the utmost convenience, giving you confidence in doing whatever you need to, and knowing you have the ability to check on them at any moment.

LeFun Baby Monitor

Now we understand there are multiple facets when it comes to important qualities such as seamless HD, safety, affordability, durability and appearance which we’ll discuss as well. We look forward to telling you about some of the amazing features the LeFun Baby Monitor has to offer, we believe this one is worth the money.

Reliable and Versatile HD Camera

The HD camera built into this baby monitor provides you with 720P high resolution lens that presents you with the best quality when it comes to images and video recordings. What that means to you is that when you open the app on your phone or tablet, you are going to be greeted with a crisp, and clear visual experience. The camera is perfect for checking up to make sure your little one is doing alright.

It also comes with an automatic zoom feature which uses digital data to focus on a particular object or motion in the same high definition image quality.

Accessing this digital video stream with the MIPC app is very simple. Once the baby monitor is connected to your wireless internet router all you do is press the option on your app, and it will connect to the MIPC cloud service.

This service is dedicated to high quality, clear video data transmission, and also allows for use of the camera’s advanced features which are discussed below, and if you’re using a slower internet source you can also reduce the video quality for faster speeds.

LeFun Baby Monitor

WiFi Enabled with Smart Phone and Tablet Access

In this age of advanced smart technology, it’s inevitable that we are starting to expect that whatever you can do on your PC, you have the ability to do on your your phone. Especially when it comes to viewing pictures, videos, etc. and it’s no different with your baby monitor.

LeFun understood the demand and made sure that as long as you are connected to WiFi, two people have the ability to monitor one, or multiple baby monitors at the same time. No matter whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, or out of the house for the day leaving your infant with the babysitter, you always have the ability to connect to the cameras and see what’s happening, as long as you have WiFi.

It’s fairly simple – all you need to do is enter an identity password – this is to make sure the only people monitoring are the ones aloud. We think of this as an added security feature to ensure complete privacy, and safety.

They made it even more convenient by making it so that you can look up, and watch or listen to the cameras, no matter what you’re doing by making it compatible with iOS iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets, and even PCs. At just a click of your finger, you have complete access to your little one making sure they’re okay, and easing your mind.

LeFun Baby Monitor

You’ll be able to access the audio and video of your baby monitor on an Internet Explorer or Chrome browser on your computer. This way if your smart device runs out of battery, or you simply don’t own one, you can still use your baby monitor anywhere with an internet source.

There is also an option to connect the LeFun Baby Monitor directly to an Ethernet cable if you’re opposed to or don’t have access to a wireless router for WiFi. All you need is a basic internet connection for smart phone, tablet or browser access from anywhere in the world.

Secure Network Capabilities

While baby monitors with cameras are very popular and secure, there still are risks when you are using a camera in your home, especially when it comes to your baby. It is of the utmost importance that the network stay secure, and you can control exactly who has access to those cameras.

The LeFun baby monitor stands tall in this category, also making it useful in a large variety of situations, due to its financial level encryption technology. What this means to you is that you can connect to your monitor through any devices and rest assured that you’re using a secure, and safe network guaranteed.

LeFun Baby Monitor

Like we talked about above, you are required to setup a password for identification initially, and enter it any time you wish to access your baby monitor no matter which network you’re using, adding an element of security.

It is extremely important that you make your password very unique, and it’s imperative that you don’t make the password something someone, or a computer bot could easily guess. Use capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and a punctuation mark to really ensure that nobody is getting through.

In terms of specific certifications, every one of LeFun’s cameras have been given the qualifications of any CE, FCC and RoHS certified camera. To prove their worth and show confidence in their product, every LeFun Baby Monitor comes a 1 year warranty. If anything happens within a year, they will fully replace it for you, just hold onto your receipt, maybe have it e-mailed to yourself.

This way, if you experience any safety risks, you know that it’s due to a malfunction and LeFun is willing to replace it free of charge.

There is also a customer service staff always at your disposal if you have and questions, comments or concerns about how the LeFun baby monitor operates. They are there to provide solutions to any challenges you may experience with your monitor so that you don’t have to worry if you can’t figure out everything just by reading the directions, or if something happens to the cameras.

LeFun Baby Monitor

Advanced Camera Features

When looking into any home security cameras or baby monitoring camera, it is important you know the span the camera allows, when it comes to space it will capture while sitting in the corner. If you aren’t able to view a large space, such as an entire room, it can lead to much inconvenience, and possibly even rendering the camera useless, depending on the situation.

LeFun has integrated its camera hardware and MIPC cloud data streaming service. This allows you to tilt and pan the camera on command simply by swiping your finger across the screen of your smart device, or using your mouse on a PC.

The camera’s remote panning and tilting capabilities are 350 degrees horizontally, and 100 degrees vertically. This wider angle virtually gives you access to an entire room, front to back, giving you complete confidence that you know all that is going on it that room 24/7. The digital automatic zoom feature mentioned above is also something everyone raves about. The fact that it gives you the ability to see things that might be a little further away, or look close up on something that seemed off, or out of place to you is a pretty impressive feature.

There is also infrared night vision technology that allows you to view a dark room clearly at a maximum distance of 32 feet away from the camera. It’s more than enough room to see what’s going on even when used in a large living room for security purposes.

You can also insert a micro SD card of up to 32 gigabytes in size, allowing you to record everything that happens when you’re not home or in the room, even fast forwarding and rewinding through the video recordings for quick scanning.

LeFun Baby Monitor

Microphone and Speaker

Looking at the traditional uses of a baby monitor, the aspect of audio is no less effective than it once was. Even with the advent of on demand video access, subtle noises can indicate the necessity of giving your child attention, and without it you might not notice that anything is happening.

The LeFun Baby Monitor has a two way audio system including both a microphone and a speaker. This way not only you can hear your baby, your baby can hear you as well.

This technology is integrated into its wireless capabilities so that you can not only listen in on any activity any time you choose, but you can also speak into the microphone of your smart phone, tablet or PC for two way communication.

The applications of this go beyond monitoring your baby, however the ability to sing into the monitor or speak with someone on the other end is a handy feature that’s definitely worth the value in our opinion.

In terms of notifications, you can also set alerts to be sent to your smart phone, or tablet, via push notifications in the MIPC app. These will notify you the moment that the camera’s motion detection technology pick up movement.

You can set these alerts to only notify you under specific circumstances as well. This provides value by trying to deliver the greatest reliability and effectiveness for parents with a busy schedule.

LeFun Baby Monitor

Quick Installation Anywhere in Your Home

What makes this baby monitor unique, and innovative in many ways, is the fact that it works like a home security camera, and baby monitor. However, it doesn’t have the complicated setup requirements of the former.

Once you have the LeFun Baby Monitor out of the box, it simply plugs into an Ethernet port for power (if your router provides powering options), or to an electrical outlet via an included power adapter cable.

Next, you connect it to your wireless router using the FN WPS security button on both your router, and baby monitor, and it’s ready to go.

Everything else can be accessed remotely on the device(s) of your choice via the MIPC app which is easy to find and download. Scan a QR code on the bottom of your baby monitor, and you’re ready to start viewing and using the camera, as well as the two way audio system.

You’ll be provided with a default password which can be changed in the MIPC app very quickly to protect your privacy, and access your baby monitor more quickly and easily.

With so much ease of use, combined with these advanced features, you really can’t go wrong in the areas of performance and comfort. If you have multiple LeFun Baby Monitors, it’s the exact same process for each one.


When looking for a baby monitor that allows you to stay connected to your little one, and still gives you the ability to see, and talk to them – the LeFun Baby Monitor wins. With a secure network keeping safety the top priority, you are still provided with the utmost quality when it comes to the camera, as well as video. The ability to pan and tilt give you the ability to view your baby even at different angles, and the capability for two way talk makes it feel like your with your little one even when your in the next room, or thousands of miles away.

Durable, easy to set up,a safer solution to all your worries when you can’t be right next to your baby, and at an affordable price – we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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