Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor Audio/Video Camera Review

Baby monitors have long been an essential item for any nursery. Keeping a close eye on your child at all times is one of the most important steps in assuring that they’re healthy, happy, and safe as can be. Within the last few years, baby monitors have evolved into ‘smart’ pieces of technology that can be integrated with your home network, and accessed through just about any mobile or internet-connected device.

One of the latest and greatest is the Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor. It’s an impressive, affordable, and downright incredible baby monitor that is packed full of incredible features.

Gynoii WiFi Video Baby Monitor

Since we know that a high quality baby monitor is what every and all parent wants, we’ve decided to take a closer look at it and review all of what it has to offer in better detail. Our first impression has us amazed, especially considering that it’s very affordable to own.

Key Features

  • Time Lapse Video – The Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor is the only wifi enabled monitor that has a time lapse featured built into the unit itself. This is the perfect way to see your baby change and grow on a daily basis. You can even enable your friends and family to watch the timelapse as your baby grows and develops. The time lapse turns a 160 minute video into a 40 second clip.
  • Simple Setup – You can have it unboxed, up and running within just 60 seconds. There are no confusing configuration requirements, everything is simplified to a level that anyone can understand.
  • Two Way Talk – Communicated verbally with your baby from wherever you are. The camera has a built in speaker that emits a clear and quality sound of your voice.
  • Night Vision – Integrated infrared sensors enable viewing in complete darkness. You’ll be able to view your baby in the middle of the night without having to turn a lamp on or enter the nursery to disrupt them.
  • Lullabby – From the App, you can select one of many different lullabies to soothe your baby into a restful night of sleep.
  • Sound and Motion Alerts – Parents are pleased to find out that they can be notified whenever a motion or sound is detected by the camera. This is the perfect way to know if your baby has waken up or is in need of attention.
  • Social Sharing – Share with your friends on facebook, twitter, google plus, etc. with the simple tap of a button. This way, you can publicly show your baby to all of your friends at once.
  • Multiple Viewers – Viewing and interacting isn’t restricted to a single device. That way, both mom and dad can have control of the camera and communication with their child at the same time.

Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor in use

Easy Setup

In order to get the Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor to function out of the box, it’s very easy and doesn’t require extensive knowledge about networking or computers. First, plug the camera into an available power outlet with the included AC adapter. Next, you’ll need to download and install the Gynoii Baby App on your apple or android device. Once you have created an account, you’ll need to follow a few configuration options that enable it to connect to your home network. Once it’s setup, you’ll be able to access and view it within seconds.

Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor

Simple Interface

The App is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind – both are things that we love! The app enables you to carry out a multitude of functions including access to the live camera view, recorded or time lapsed video, two way talk, mute, lullaby, social sharing, and other more advanced options.

Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor

Totally Secure

The Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor uses the same kind of encryption that banks use to encrypt their important data. This way, you’ll never have to worry about potential hackers or wireless intruders viewing or interacting with your monitor. It’s also protected behind your home networks encryption (if available).

Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor

Comes with Everything You Need

Included with your purchase are a few different accessories that will come in handy. There is a large clamp that the monitor can be screwed into, an AC adapter with a generously length cord, two mounting screws, and a turn dial adjustment knob. There are multiple ways of installing it. You can either use the clamp, or hang it wherever you please since there are several small notches for hanging located on the back of the base unit.

Gynoii WiFi Video Baby Monitor

Final Thoughts

Overall, we feel that the Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor is an excellent investment if you’re looking for a high quality, reliable, secure, and high-tech way to keep a close eye on your baby. With the unique time lapse feature, and the ability to share with all of your friends and family, it’s becoming quite a popular choice. It’s built well, looks great, and functions easily and exactly as advertised.

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