Gynoii GPW-1025 WiFi Video Baby Monitor Review

Whenever you’re apart from your baby it can be somewhat unsettling to not know what exactly they’re up to at all times. With the investment of a video baby monitor this problem is quickly solved since it enables you to view your child from the other room while they’re resting, sleeping, or playing with their toys. However, it’s very important to know that not all baby monitors are created equal. You’ll want one that’s built with high-end features that are designed to make your life easier so you always have close tabs on them no matter if it’s the middle of the night or in broad daylight.

We were recently lucky enough to get our hands on a video baby monitor that’s catered toward the loving parent that craves the latest technology. Known as the Gynoii GPW-1025 Wireless Video Baby Monitor, it’s built with a slew of desirable features that offer huge improvements over it’s predecessor, the Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor. With high-definition infrared night vision, two way audio, time lapse, and more, what’s not to love? We had the opportunity to get our hands on it and see if it’s worth the investment.

Gynoii GPW-1025 WiFi Video Baby Monitor

Easy to Setup

Upon un-boxing, we were pleased to find a simple process to get it up and running for the first time. Once it was plugged into the wall outlet, in less than a minute we had it fully connected to the WiFi network and were able to view, control, and manage it right from our smartphone. It comes included with an AC adapter, an Ethernet cable, wall mounting kit with screws, and a quick installation guide that thoroughly goes over anything you’d ever need to know about it.

gynoii gpw 1025

The app is completely free with no fees and available on both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets – it seems to work pretty well. Upon downloading it, it’ll guide you through the installation and configuration process with a nice amount of simplicity. Once downloaded, the app will tell you to plug the baby monitor in and connect your smartphone to the WiFi network. Next, you’ll need to go to your WiFi settings and select the camera from the list. After that, return to the app to find a “camera preview” with the camera fully connected and ready to go. However, if you have a secure network, you’ll need to enter your WiFi password.

Video Quality and Infrared Night Vision

With the ability to record 720p in daylight, there’s plenty of clarity to capture all the fine details in the view. You’re never left with fuzzy or grainy content that looks poor. There’s also an infrared night vision feature that will automatically turn on if there’s not enough light to make a sufficient recording. Although the 720p quality isn’t available in the night vision mode, we’re pleased to announce that the infrared still holds a good deal of image quality that isn’t all that bad.

gynoii gpw 1025 baby monitor


Often times video baby monitors are limited to their fixed position and don’t have the ability to “see around” much. What we really liked about the Gynoii GPW-1025 was it’s ability to pan and tilt, leaving you with a lot of flexibility as to your view and the position of the lens. The camera doesn’t necessarily need to be placed in the perfect tilted position, it can stand flat on a table or stand and tilt and pan for a much better view.

Time Lapse

An exciting feature that we found to be really cool was the unique time lapse video feature. Designed to transform 160 minutes of video into a 40 second video clip, it offers a fun way to watch your baby’s movements throughout the night. Watch them cuddle their blanket, toss, turn, and look as cute as can be. After you’ve made the video clip, you can easily share it to your favorite social media network like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to share with your family and friends.

gynoii gpw 1025 back

Guest Access

Another fun and innovative feature that sets this video baby monitor apart from others is the guest access that can be given. This way, relatives like grandparents, aunts, and uncles can remotely view the monitor from wherever they are. Designed to never disturb the baby, guest accounts are limited to what they can do. They can’t talk or interact via audio, but they can view in live real-time. It gives them a fun way to watch your baby grow, day by day, night by night.

gynoii baby monitor app

Built for Monitoring

With an assortment of features built specifically for monitoring, the GPW-0125 will always keep you in the loop. When your baby wakes up or when sound or motion are detected, you can configure the monitor to notify you right away. Additionally, it’s equipped with a two way talk feature that lets you hear your baby and speak to your baby whenever you please. You can even set it up to stream live 24/7 audio so you’re always right by the side of the crib.

gynoii gpw 1025 box


As with anything involved with your baby, safety and security should always be a top priority. Since the audio and video are transmitted wirelessly, Gynoii equipped the monitor with advanced security settings with bank-level encryption in place. You won’t have to worry about third parties or unwanted guests hacking into your stream or taking control of the monitor – it simply can’t be done.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we’re very pleased with the Gynoii GPW-1025 Smart Baby Monitor and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone that’s looking to keep a close eye on their child at all times. Packed with everything you need to get started, it’s easy to setup and configure right out of the box, even with no prior experience. With the fun and unique time lapse feature, and guest account access, this baby monitor offers a great way to connect your close friends and family right to the side of your baby’s crib. Best of all, the app is easy to use and offers a wide range of fun features to monitor your little one at all times.

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