Cutest & Best Baby Halloween Costumes 2017

It’s an exciting time of year, Halloween is just around the corner! At the end of this month, the family will be getting dressed, and that includes the newest addition to your family – your baby. It can be a very fun and memorable experience to dress up your little one in a super cute costume that shows how adorable they can be. Recently I had a reader ask me if I had any recommendations for finding the best baby Halloween costumes for 2017 – take a look at these adorable ones!

Super Cute Infant Monkey Costume

InCharacter Infant Monkey Costume

This Super Cute Infant Monkey Costume is a high quality Halloween costume that’s cuter than ever. It’s designed with durability and longevity in mind, so you can continue to use it for other babies for years to come. Since it’s made from 100% polyester material, it’s easy to keep it clean since it’s machine washable. Size is another concern for many parents, this monkey costume comes in a variation of 3 sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. A small is suitable for any baby that’s 6 to 12 months of age. The medium is suitable for 12 to 18 months, and the large – 18 to 24 months.

Everything you see is included – the hood, booties, full suit, and adorable tail. To top it off, it’s priced well and a great deal. Plus, it ships free and you’ll receive it within 2 days with Amazon Prime. Overall, you have to say that this monkey costume is surely adorable and would look great on any cute kid!

Adorable Strawberry Costume

Adorable Strawberry Costume

Well isn’t this Strawberry Halloween Baby Costume just the most adorable thing you’ve seen in a while? It contains everything you need to dress up your little one for a fun night of trick or treating. Made from 100% polyester, it’s super soft and cozy, keeping your baby comfortable and happy even though it may seem a bit foreign to them – they’ll love it. It features a super cute top hat with a green leafy scarf/neck tie that is accompanied by the strawberry body suit as shown. It’s built to last and easy to wash (by hand only). Since there are a wide range of sizes, it’s been one of the most popular ones’ of the 2017 Halloween season.

Cute Baby Lion Costume

Cute Baby Lion Costume

This Cute Baby Lion Costume will surely turn heads and make your baby stand out as the cutest kid on the block. It’s a full body jumpsuit that features a big fluffy mane, slip on booties for feet, and a very cute tail. The costume is lined with a soft fabric that keeps your baby warm and cozy, although you can still have them wear layers underneath since there is room to do so.

It’s zippered on the back for easy dress-up that only takes a minute. There are integrated snap leg enclosures that gives parents easy accessibility when or if an accident happens. Best of all, it’s machine washable so it’s incredibly easy to clean up in case of a mess. Additionally, the sizes range from 6 to 18 months depending on the specific size you require.

Rubie’s Costume Noah’s Ark Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume

Rubies Costume Noahs Ark Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume

Do you have a little one who would love to dress up as this adorable monsted? The Noah’s Ark Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume has been turning heads since it was recently released a couple weeks ago. It’s probably one of the most uniquely designed and adorable costumes we’ve seen for this Halloween. Although it’s probably my favorite, I may be a tad biased, but I really do love this costume! My daughter picked it out and has already worn it twice just because she’s so excited to wear it for this Halloween.

This Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume is soft and comfortable since it’s made of 100% polyester and built with a warm and soft fabric that’s cozy to the skin. Included is everything you see – the footies, horns, bowtie, and suit. Also available in sizes that are suitable for ages 6 to 18 months, so it will work well with most infants and babies who are ready to spend a cute time this Halloween.

Cute “Time Out” Jail Inmate Baby Halloween Costume

Jail Inmate Baby Halloween Costume

This Jail Inmate Baby Halloween Costume is a super cute and unique costume that will have all your friends and family laughing. It’s an adorable choice that’s perfect for little ones who always seem to be getting in trouble. It includes a cap, full jumpsuit with feet enclosures, and the tattoo sleeves.

There are built in snaps that give mom and dad an easy way to change a diaper in a matter of no time. Also, you can wash it within your washing machine – but it’s reccomended that you hang dry and don’t use high heat with it. Although the body is made from 100% polyester, the sleeves have a 19% blend of spandex to give it a stretchy and cozy feel.

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