Clek Foonf 2016 Convertible Car Seat Review

Car seats for small children have long been a necessity, in bringing a secure and reliable way to protect them from the many dangers and injuries that can occur during a motor collision, and have had a long time to develop technologically.

In terms of industry, we know that there are stronger, more reliable metals and other materials, as well as softer, more comfortable and easy to maintain fabrics and cushions.

A convertible car set must have two basic qualities at as high a level as can be, which are safety and comfort, before it’s really worth discussing other qualities, such as the overall value for money, appearance, or additional advanced features.

Since they’re designed to allow you to seat your baby facing either forwards or backwards, we must be very clear on these aspects of each feature.

Also, performance and safety go hand in hand here, where impact and collision protection are specifically designed to keep harmful forces from putting your child in danger while riding in your vehicle, so we will cover those qualities together.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the newly released Clek Foonf 2016 Convertible Car Seat to see whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment for your and your child.

Clek Foonf 2016 Convertible Car Seat

React Safety System Technology

Passengers in a vehicle travel at the same rate of speed as the vehicle, and when the vehicle changes speeds, the passengers must adjust to it, which can lead to serious injuries during sudden impacts or stops.

This system is designed to absorb kinetic energy by crumpling it, and is included in every one of Clek’s car seats to provide advanced protection for both rear facing smaller children, and forward facing children over the age of 2 years, while also allowing your child to sit in rear facing mode until about the age of 4 years old.

Clek Foonf 2016 Convertible Car Seat

What it does, is it makes use of aluminum honeycomb and crumpling effect of collision force in such a way that your child experiences a slower, smooth and less forceful change than would otherwise occur during sudden impact or change of velocity.

It uses a complex series of procedures to achieve this effect, which make it a new and superior technology over many expensive car seats that have been on the market in the past.

Legal safety and performance standards and requirements for a car seat are extensive, and Clek has done their due diligence in testing beyond the legal compliance requirement of representing 98% of all real world crashes.

What they’ve produced is testing results which show that whether your baby is 1 year old or 6 years old, they are protected from head and chest injury, including side impact tests, based on the minimum threshold that would likely result in injury.

These tests have been conducted independently to NCAP standards while simulating extreme collisions and impacts, and their effects on crash test dummies.

Durable and Comfortable Construction

There are multiple areas of protection from side impact injury that concern your baby’s head all the way down to their body, which must be provided for in order to be deemed safe and effective.

Clek Foonf 2016 Convertible Car Seat

The Clek Foonf 2016 Convertible Car Seat essentially provides as much head protection that a car seat possibly could, first and foremost, due to high quality construction of the head rest, which is lined with energy absorbing foam.

In conjunction with that, it’s also supported by steel rods which are attached to the car seat frame, to provide a strong and sturdy yet comfortable and safe head protection.

The energy absorbing foam used in the head rest is layered on both the interior and exterior of the solid frame to dampen the force exerted on your child and protect them from side impact injuries as well.

This structure is reinforced with a steel and magnesium construction, and also includes a rebound bar to stabilize the rotation of your child, and thus protect them from resulting head injury.

Looking at the exterior materials used in the Clek Foonf 2016, they are GREENGUARD Select Certified, which means that their Crypton super fabrics comply with indoor air quality standards, and do not expose your child to dangerous chemicals, like brominated and chlorinated flame retardants.

Clek Foonf 2016 Convertible Car Seat

Ease of Installation and Use

Being able to quickly and easily install and remove your child’s car seat for simple access and mobility is important to parents, because otherwise you’re forced to deal with an ineffective and burdensome process of travelling anywhere in your vehicle with your child.

However, you must be certain that any features, such as forward or rear facing installations as well as adjustable recline and headrest positions, are also 100 percent safe to use and reliable.

It’s been estimated that the majority of car seats lend to a great lack of safety, because if a forward facing car seat is not installed properly, leading to lack of stability and rigidness, allowing your it to rock and sway while moving.

One of the areas where Clek has provided greater safety through comfort that other brands simply don’t offer, is the Rigid-UAS forward facing installation included in the Foonf, which makes it easier to install, and offers greater stability.

Clek Foonf 2016 Convertible Car Seat

It can also be limiting to have a rear facing car seat, when you don’t have enough space to work with, the seats are too deep, or if you’d like to securely seat your child in a center seat.

The Foonf’s base and anti-rebound bar have been designed to require only 13 inches of width for the base, and still fit snug and securely on the back of the front seat, due to the position of the anti-rebound bar, as well as the ability to easily recline the seat, based on your preference.

Since this car seat uses Crypton super fabrics, it’s also designed to permanently prevent stains, moisture and odor causing bacteria from damaging it, which makes it so much easier to clean and maintain than other similar car seats.

Pros and Cons

Clek has gone a long way to provide a safe, effective, durable as well as comfortable car seat with many added luxuries, and focusing as much as possible on these critical qualities.

It’s a touch more expensive than you may be expecting, which would make this car seat economically at a disadvantage, however it doesn’t compromise in this area either, by making full use of maximum safety levels for your baby’s head and chest.

Clek Foonf 2016 Convertible Car Seat

What’s just as important, is that it’s easy to install properly, which means that while other car seats do provide excellent safety provisions and are tested to perform as advertised, you must have a proper installation, no matter which car seat you’re using.

Appearance is even taken into consideration, as it’s a compact design with your choice of colored textures, which is not too bulky, as compared with other high performance car seats.

Clek Foonf 2016 Convertible Car Seat


You may be looking at the somewhat steep price tag of the Clek Foonf 2016 Convertible Car Seat, however nothing could be more important as the amount of safety that a car seat will provide you with.

It offers serious advantages in this, as well as many other areas, but the fact that it’s so durably constructed and easy to use and maintain, makes it an excellent value that may save you more than just money in the long run.

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