Boba Air Baby Carrier Review

Boba is a company that designs some of the finest and most user-friendly baby products available; they specialize in baby carriers, baby wraps, and accessories. If you’re a parent wanting to carry you baby in a reliable and compact carrier, the Boba Air Baby Carrier is for you. It’s conveniently portable and takes the stress out of travelling with your baby. It’s also comfortable and safe for both the baby and parent, and also loaded with features that’ll dramatically improve your experience while travelling with your little one for big or small adventures.

Boba Air Baby Carrier

The Boba Air Baby Carrier is an example of how innovative products can greatly improve the little things in life that we take for granted. So, without further delay, here is what you can expect from the Boba Air Baby Carrier.

Quick Look at the Boba Air

  • Made of 100% nylon and weighs only 400 grams.
  • There are front and back carrier options available that are between 15 and 45 pounds and the width of the carrier seat is 12.5”.
  • Contains a sleeping hood that will shield your baby from the elements and it can be neatly tucked away into a pouch when not in use. The hood pouch itself is very light and weighs 0.7 pounds.
  • The shoulder straps comfortably fit heights of 5’0” – 6’ 3” and the length of the shoulder strap is 20” – 40”.
  • The waistband range reaches 25” – 58” and the height of the waist belt is 5.1”.
  • The body of the carrier can easily reach heights of 16” to support your child as he /she grows older.
  • Can easily be cleaned in a washing machine or simply be wiped clean.
  • EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified.

Boba Air Baby Carrier

Safety Features

The Boba Air has been designed with absolute safety in mind; every last detail has been checked to ensure your peace of mind. The baby carrier complies with all U.S. and European standards for child and baby wearing safety and tremendous effort and care has gone into compiling the Boba Air safety use guidelines.

Boba Air Baby Carrier

The Boba Air is compliant with the Consumer Product Improvement Act (CPSIA). Boba is a member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance and all of their products undergo a rigorous third party (SGS) testing of all carrier components. SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

The Boba Air comes with a safety guideline that outlines 10 tips for the safest ride and these are:

  • Watch The Weight and Holds – The Boba Air is for children that weigh 15 to 45 pounds and is not designed to carry your baby facing out. The website offers an extensive explanation on why you should not carry your baby facing outward should you be interested in the details.
  • Best Seat In The House – If your baby is too big or too small for the carrier then you’re advised to take your child out of the carrier and to call Boba for further instructions.
  • Play Detective – Parents are advised to always inspect the fabric and seams of the carrier to ensure that everything is as it should be and that there is nothing that could pose a safety risk.
  • Hit The Stage – Parents are advised to use the right carrier for their baby’s stage and are encouraged to compare the right carriers for the right stages on the Boba website if they are unsure.
  • High–Speed Common Sense – The carrier does not replace the car seat and should not be worn while driving or riding in a car – or while riding a bicycle.
  • Use your Noggin – If there’s an activity that you would not do while pregnant or wearing protective gear then it’s advisable that you don’t engage in these activities while baby wearing. This includes activities such as skating, horse riding, swimming, mowing the lawn, or cleaning with harsh chemicals.
  • Smart Moves – Ensure that you protect your baby with your arms when you bend over or move into any awkward position.
  • Steer Clear Of Danger – We all know that babies like to grab anything within their reach, parents should ensure that their babies do not come into contact with hot, sharp, or hazardous objects.
  • Protection from the Elements – Ensure that you protect you baby from the sun by using sunscreen and dressing them in lightweight clothing to prevent them from overheating. Likewise, ensure that they are dressed appropriately in cooler climate conditions.
  • Journey Safely – The Boba Air should not be used during extreme sporting activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting or any other risky activity and instructions regarding proper use and storage should always be adhered to.

Boba Air Baby Carrier


  • The Boba Air is lightweight and can be easily rolled up to fit into a diaper bag or in any compact storage.
  • The straps are easily adjustable.
  • It’s cheaper than the Boba Carrier and a clear product comparison has been provided on the Boba website to ensure that parents know what value they are getting for their money.
  • Boba has gone into great lengths to ensure that the Boba Air is safe and that parents are informed of all the safety features and usage guidelines.
  • It’s easy to use the Boba while breastfeeding.

Boba Air Baby Carrier


  • Unlike the Boba Carrier, the Boba Air does not come with extensive padding, which might reduce comfort levels when used for extended periods of time.
  • The shoulder straps can be slippery due to the lack of padding and this might lead to slight discomfort.
  • The carrier is not suitable for children of all ages and parents will need to buy another carrier for newborns, premature babies and infants.

Boba Air Baby Carrier

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your baby carrier then consider the Boba Air Baby Carrier. The founders of Boba are themselves parents so you can be assured that they had you in mind when the carrier was designed. Everything about it, besides a few minor cons, is impressive. We’re fans of it, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to invest in a high quality baby carrier that’s designed with both safety and comfort in mind.

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