Best Infant & Toddler Bicycle Helmet Reviews 2017

Whether you plan on teaching your child how to ride their own bike or plan on letting them tag along with a carrier/trailer, it’s incredibly important to take the necessary safety precautions to ensure that you lower the risk involved. Figuring out which helmet is best for them can be a difficult task. Recently I received an inquiry from a fan of this blog asking which infant, baby, and/or toddler helmets are the best. I’ve uncovered my favorite choices and have listed them below with a short review of each.

Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

Giro Me2 Infant Toddler Bike Helmet

  • The Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet is a popular choice with an adjustable size that will fit your child from infancy to toddler-hood. This way you can expect years of continuous use without the need to purchase a new one.
  • Uses a unique buckle system known as “Mini-Loc” that won’t ever pinch the skin, making for a cozy fit for hours of continuous comfortable use.
  • Available in a wide range of styles and patterns. In fact, there are 11 designs that look great on both girls and boys.
  • 20 air vents located around the shell to provide an ample amount of air-flow to keep their head cool on a hot summer day. The front-facing vents are equipped with bug netting to avoid any nasty critters from becoming lodged in the helmet while riding.
  • Ideal for those with a head circumference of 18.75 to 20.5 inches.
  • Very affordable and easy on any budget.
  • Integrated visor to keep the sun out of your child’s eyes.

Schwinn Toddler’s Carnival Girl Helmet

Schwinn Toddler's Carnival Girl Helmet

  • Although specifically made for girls only, the Schwinn Toddler’s Carnival Girl Helmet is a comfortable and easy to adjust helmet that’s equipped with several features to keep your little one cozy and safe.
  • Very easy to adjust. Using the Dial Easy-Fit Retention System, you can achieve a custom-like fit within a matter of seconds.
  • 8 built-in air flow vents to keep them cool as they’re moving. The vents are placed near the top to allow plenty of heat to escape, ensuring that they’re able to stay happy while riding.
  • Covers a large portion of their cranium. This helmet provides a larger range of protective coverage than most other helmets currently on the market.
  • Sun brim keeps the bright sunshine out of their eyes. This is a feature that is good to have if you expect a sunny climate.
  • Very inexpensive. Affordable for most budgets since it retails just under $20.

Lazer BOB (Baby on Board) Helmet

Lazer BOB Baby on Board Helmet

  • The Lazer BOB Helmet provides a wide range of protection while utilizing the Comfit3 Retention System to ensure a snug and comfortable fit each time it’s place on your child’s head.
  • The inside is soft with removable pads that ensure comfort when they most need it. These tend to get dirty as time goes on so you can easily remove them and clean as needed.
  • The straps include reflective material that reassures safety in most scenarios. This is a great feature that many parents love since it improves visibility at night or in low light environments.
  • Adjusts with a simple ‘squeeze and pull’ instead of your typical ‘turn knob’. Many find this style easier to use.
  • Available in two different sizes: Unisize and Infant. Select from two different color patterns: Chick or Flowers.
  • Ideal for parents who plan on using this helmet with a bike trailer. Since the back of the helmet is flat, it rests well against the backside of a bike seat or trailer.

Bell Toddler Zoomer Helmet

Bell Toddler Zoomer Helmet

  • Another excellent choice is the Bell Toddler Zoomer Helmet which provides ample protection whilst being one of the comfiest styles available.
  • Never worry about getting your child’s skin caught in the buckle. Since it’s equipped with a ‘PinchGuard’ buckle system, you can feel at ease knowing that this won’t ever occur.
  • Unlike some helmets, this one provides plenty of extended coverage near the rear of the cranium. This way there is more protection and less risk involved while riding.
  • Integrated sun visor towards the front to keep sunlight out of your little one’s eyes. Although sunglasses are always recommended when playing outdoors in the sun, this feature keeps the sun out of the way.
  • Plenty of airflow with 5 built-in vents to provide a breeze.
  • Although it’s only available in one design, the price tag is low enough to fit within most budgets.

Bell Infant Mini Helmet

Bell Infant Mini Helmet

  • Ideal for those looking for a small-size helmet that’s suitable for infants only, the Bell Infant Mini Helmet is a great selection for both boys and girls.
  • Thanks to the ‘True Fit’ feature, you can achieve a custom-like fit each time you place it on your baby’s head.
  • Integrated LED reflectors provide visibility for oncoming traffic so your child is always visible and never in danger.
  • Comes in two different patterns. The ‘Fowl Play’ pattern is perfect for girls whereas the ‘Octobabies’ is perfect for boys.
  • Sun visor on the front keeps sunlight from shining in their eyes.
  • Oversized design covers a wide range to ensure safety from all directions.
  • ‘PinchGuard’ buckle system keeps your infant happy and out of harms way while you put it on their head.

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